Patented Products

Over the past four decades, Grand Frame founder, Gary Grana has been granted two patents in the picture framing industry.


Patent #1 “The Decision Maker”

The Decision Maker

“The Decision Maker”

When selecting custom frames, sometimes the most difficult part of the process is visualizing what the finished product will be.  The decision maker is a apparatus designed with mirrors so the consumer can see what the art will look like up on the wall instead of on the design counter.  The decision maker can be found in our Arlington Heights gallery and frame shops around the country.


Patent Name: Apparatus for Observing Framed Items
Patent Number: 4445870
Date Issued: May 1, 1984
Description: An apparatus for allowing purchasers of framed photographs, paintings, or the like to observe how the framed photograph or painting will appear in its ultimate environment by providing a table surface for the item to sit on, the table surface having interchangeable colors or patterns, and a reflective or mirrored surface to make the reflective surface appear to be a vertical plane.
U.S. Patent Documents: 38919889024612460761518680159001123012743564734


Patent #2 “G-Link Framing & Display System”

In the late 1990’s, Gary Grana introduced 3-dimensional picture framing to the industry through his patented design, “G-Link”.  This shadowbox system can be used as a “2-Dimensional”, or “3-Dimensional” framing system to display sports jerseys, basktballs, baseballs, footballs, dolls, and any type of object that needs this application of picture framing.  The G-Link product line can be found at Grand Frame Inc in Arlington Heights Illinois,,, and other independent frame shops across the country.

Patent Drawings

Patent Name: Picture Frame Molding
Patent Number: 5794372
Date Issued: August 18, 1998
Description: A molding for making picture frames having grooves in the molding edges which will form the rear face and the outer periphery of an assembled frame. These grooves may be used to receive plywood panels to make the frame deeper, as in a shadow box, or to make the frame wider. If the grooves are not used they add to the decorative effect of the frame.
U.S. Patent Documents: 38919889024612460761518680159001123012743564734


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