Art Restoration

Along with the joy of the acquisition of a fine work of art, the responsibility for the health and longevity of it falls into the hands of its owners.

In order to fully appreciate the art it is often necessary to perform some restoration and conservation procedures to insure its stability.

It must be noted that each work is individual and methods of eliminating existing problems are dictated by the art itself.  Please find a brief listing of solutions to defects most commonly present in works or art on paper:

  • The first procedure is to surface clean by dry methods removing all surface soil accumulation. The presence of any staining to the paper is caused by a wide scope of origins, be they water, glue, tapes, acidic burns, coffee and the list goes on.
  • In the removal of the existing stains, the solvents needed for removal are dictated by the origin of same and again vary widely. Any tears are a particularly visual annoyance and are needed to be repaired for appearance and to avoid them from progressing to create any further serious damage.
  • The final two procedures are of a chemical nature which are not visual and impart stability for a longer life to the art. First is the deacidification process which protects the art from embrittlement and yellowing. Finally the work of art is thymolized, which is a gaseous treatment to remove the chance of mold growth and basic sterilization of the paper.

For more information on Artwork Restoration,
Please call us 847-253-9393 extension #1.


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