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Baseball Shadow Box

Baseball Shadow Box

Custom Shadowbox frames are different from regular picture frames in that they are deep enough to house not only flat items like a photograph or print, but 3D objects as well. These objects can be creatively arranged, matted, and mounted in order to highlight and display your treasures!

From trophies and music memorabilia to sports jerseys and wedding invitations, we can design and frame it! You can combine photographs from a vacation with souvenirs you bought while you were away, or photographs and event tickets from a rock concert.

Helping frame and display these treasured possessions is our specialty. Everything shadowboxed at Grand Frame is displayed in G-link, A 3- Dimensional display system Invented  and patented by Grand Frame founder, Gary Grana.  

Custom framing your treasured 3-D objects gives you the chance to proudly display them in your home or office!


  • Thomas Hohenadel

    "The secret to Matt and Gary and Carrie is their customer service. There's nothing they won't do to make a project right. That's unique in today's economy where customer service has gone by the wayside." Read More

  • George T. Drost

    "Attention to detail, appreciation of fine art and assistance in the art collector’s space has been valuable and adds to the enjoyment of owning art." Read More